Posted by: Dude in the Desert | July 20, 2013

Livin La Vida La Isla 20 July 2013

So, it’s been a while … I am now living full time on a tropical island in the Western Caribbean… I work as a divemaster at a couple of different local dive shops– what they call a “freelancer”  … I make sure everyone knows I’m retired and don’t want a “real job” anymore … that means 3-5 days a week, 2-3 dives a day, and no paperwork…  I love it … my wife and I have decided it’s time to build a house — this will be a crazy adventure in itself — but we are here to stay and ready to make it permanent … our daughter will be 2 yrs old next month and she is full-on total island baby … she loves the water and the beach and all the animals and the sunshine, all the tropical fruits, and local cuisine– such as refried beans with cheese in a fresh tortilla, and chips and salsa, guacamole, and fish of any kind….anyhoo– maybe I’ll get on here a little more often and write about our island life and house building and raising a child in a third-world country on a retirement check while working in diving — I might have to change the title of the blog … until next time, take care and keep on keepin on




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