Posted by: Dude in the Desert | August 27, 2010

26 Aug 2010

well, it’s been almost forever since I wrote anything, but here’s a little bit .. I am now stationed in Mississippi … I am getting married 10 October…things are good and I am preparing to retire–it’s still about 9-10 months away, but I’m getting that ball rolling… I’ll go back to the point where I left off in the next week or so…but that’s the basic happenings going on right now …talk to you soon



  1. The New York Film Academy offers degree and conservatory programs to hundreds of veterans of the United States Military. Veteran students from around the country are currently enrolled at our New York City and Universal Studios-Los Angeles campuses. Eligible programs include Filmmaking, Digital Filmmaking, Cinematography, Acting for Film, Producing, Musical Theater, Photography, Screenwriting, Film Editing, 3-D Animation, and Broadcast Journalism. Our programs have the potential to allow veterans to process and integrate their personal experiences without specifically requiring them to talk about it—something many veterans may be hesitant to do. Every soldier has a story tell, and we give the tools to tell the story.

    Our military coordinators are trained to facilitate a smooth education for all veterans who choose to study at NYFA. We are able to ease the stresses of relocation, housing, and finances for veterans. The strong bonds students form in their team-based projects and from our committed staff further eases emotional stresses. Our faculty and instructors are available for one-on-one interaction with students because we are a small community that has the time and resources to treat our students individually.

    The New York Film Academy is honored to be selected by industry leaders as the school for their children. These include Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino, Sheila Nevins (HBO President, Documentary & Family), Bono, Diana Ross, Robert Downey Jr., Pierce Brosnan, and Susan Sarandon. At the same time we are proud that veterans and students from all walks of life with varied social and economic backgrounds make up our diverse student body. They have chosen NYFA because of the intimate learning environment that provides an intensive, no-nonsense curriculum. Working together on production teams, students are trained with the industry’s most state-of-art-equipment, which is needed to know to succeed in the business. The Academy is unique and different from other schools because we provide a hands-on arts and media based education that prepares students for a career in the entertainment industry. Our students graduate as marketable, employable, and prepared for the evolving entertainment-industry workforce.
    Our military coordinators are available to answer any general or specific questions about your students’ needs. For questions about our California programs please contact our VA Certifying Official, Brennan Burnett, at or call (818) 733-2600. For questions about our New York programs please contact VA Certifying Official, Brian Koplow, at or call 212-674-4300. You can visit us online at

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