Posted by: Dude in the Desert | April 16, 2010

16 April 10

well, I am finally out of Afghanistan …now in Kuwait .. of course I got delayed on going home because of a freakin volcano — I didn’t even know there were volcanoes in Iceland … so after earth quakes, rioting and volcanoes– it just seems like the gods don’t want me to get home …well, I’ll write all about my travel adventures once I get home and have time to write it all … but, at least I am out of the war zone… life here is great … I’ll be working on my tan at the swimming pool all day tomorrow …love you and miss you all …talk to you soon



  1. Good to hear it. Enjoy the pool. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Just relax and enjoy your time off. You’ll be on your way eventually…and it will make that homecoming even sweeter. We’re all thinking about you and know you can make the best of even the worst situations…and you will this time, too. We love you and are anxious for your return to the States…after your reunion with Black Betty and your whirlwind travels throughout Italy. OOL

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