Posted by: Dude in the Desert | April 13, 2010

13 April 10

well, went over to finish out-processing and find out about my flights …looks like I will be heading to Kuwait in a day or two …as a matter of fact, I need to call right now and find out the latest news…just called, they said call back in an hour …so pretty much everyone trying to get out of here is getting screwed into another 5-7 days of being stuck at Bagram…one guy had a fly date of June 6th, then they changed it to May 12th…now they are telling him sometime next week he needs to come back over there to find out what’s going on…this is just ridiculous …I can’t believe they can’t get people out of here because one place is closed…you would think they would have some kind of contingency plan in place for these types of situations…I guess the plan used to be to just postpone flights until the weather cleared or whatever, but now what?? the whole country of Kyrgyzstan is closed indefinitely…on the brighter side, it’s more days of tax-free pay, and we might get credit for a Short Tour–that means we go to the bottom of the list for non-volunteers headed to Korea or some other one-year tour where we can’t take families…not that it really matters to me…I have plenty of short tours, and will only be in the AF for another year or so anyway–I definitely won’t get hit with a non-vol assignment…so I spent the day sitting in line at the post office to mail out all the junk I have accumulated over the past 6 months, then waited and waited for the air-flow people to figure out where/when I was going, then sat in another line to sign up for Space-Available travel…they have a flight for me going out of Kuwait, but no flight getting me to Kuwait–what kind of crap is that ?? hopefully there are plenty of birds headed that way–the list I saw had about 105 people waiting to go to Kuwait…well, we’ll see what happens when I call back later…as for now, just gathering my gear, cleaning my room, and hoping like hell I get on a bird within the next 48 hours…from there I don’t care what happens as long as I get to Europe–I can land anywhere in Europe and rent a car from there if I need to…it’s pretty shitty that we have to go thru this kind of stuff after serving 6 months in a war zone…but, I guess that’s just the kind of crap we deal with in the military…well, that’s about all the news I have right now, so until further notice…. talk to you all soon…



  1. But, you have learned over the last 19 years that you have to be very flexible…and patient. I can feel the anxiety in your blog…like the night before Christmas! You’re almost home! OOL

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