Posted by: Dude in the Desert | April 12, 2010

13 Apr 10

well, the new guys have been pushed forward, there are only a couple newbies left here waiting for flights out to FOBs, and I am almost done with everything I need to accomplish to get out of here…I can’t freakin wait …the past few days have been pretty hectic trying to get everything situated for the replacements…getting them Army uniforms, MRAP training, flights out, etc…but it’s all worth it to make sure they were taken care of …seems like nobody around here would have done anything to help them if myself and Jen (lead AF cook) hadn’t made all this happen…I took all the new guys out to the flightline to get on a C-130 to Kandahar and as we pulled up to the plane it looked a little crowded in there…they ended up pulling everyone off the bird and just loading the entire floorspace with all the gear and luggage and bags…then, all the people just had to climb over some kicker-boxes and literally crawl on top of the bags and find a place to lay…no baggage pallet, no seats, NO SEATBELTS, just “find a spot”…they were laying all over the place on top of bags and each other…glad I wasn’t on that flight…I have been running around this base like a monkey on fire making all this happen… I am so glad it’s all over…now, just have to mail out a few more things and then get a couple more signatures, then wait to find out how we are going home…normally we would fly thru Manas, Kyrgyzstan, but that place is all kinds of jacked up right now…apparently the whole country is in a state of chaos so they are flying us to Kuwait or Qatar or where ever else we can get to so we can leave the AOR..hopefully we get out when we are supposed to–they have been diverting, canx-ing, postponing flights all over the world because of this mess…but, whatever, I am DONE and ready to head out…I don’t care where I go as long as I end up in Italy some time in the very near future…so, as I travel I may not have easy access to the internet…but I will keep in touch with everyone as much as possible thru my travels…love you all and miss you all… can’t wait to see you SOON!! I’ll be sure to update as soon as I find out when I am leaving here



  1. We’ll be waiting to hear from you outside the zone…and hope it is very soon. It’s really a shame how the military are treated in situations like that…by their own. Not only do you all sacrifice your freedom, but you are treated like crap and just have to take it without complaining. Just hang in there and you’ll be out soon. I’ve got a call in to Barack, but he hasn’t returned my call! OOL

  2. You’re not the only one who’s ready to see you out of there. Safe travels, cousin.

  3. Have a safe trip home Bri and have fun in Italy. Give Black Betty a ride for me and try to find the time to keep us all posted on your adventures!
    OOL – Con

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