Posted by: Dude in the Desert | April 5, 2010

5 April 10

well, great news today … our replacements are on a bird in a few hours … I am actually staying up all night because they will arrive in the wee hours of the morning…I am going out to meet them as they come out of the terminal and make sure they get all their bags and equipment off the pallet…we’ll give them a ride to their sleeping quarters, let them get a few hours rest and then they start in-processing at 0900….we have cooks and mechanics so far.. I have been talking to a friend of mine from way back …we were in Korea together back in ’95 time-frame…it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen or talked to him…it’ll be good to catch up…but only for a day or two… I am pushing him down to Kandahar as soon as I can get him on a flight…but, a couple days to catch up in the military is longer than necessary…I guess some people are already getting screwed– they were supposed to fly out with my boy, but somewhere along the lines their orders got misplaced and they aren’t scheduled on the flight…not a good way to start a 6 month deployment…oh, well, it happens all the time…these just happen to be the unlucky few…hopefully that won’t mess up my departure date…it shouldn’t–oh, that’s another piece of good news… I got a fly date…well, I got a date when I am eligible to fly–still gotta do all my paperwork and out-processing and make sure all the new guys get everything they need here at Bagram and get pushed out to their respective FOBs…it’s gonna be a busy week…but, it’s all totally worth it…it gets me out of here…well, that’s about all for now…I’ll keep you all updated with the events leading to my escape from the war zone…I can’t freakin wait to get back on Black Betty…talk to you all soon, and see some of you soon too



  1. What great news! I hope all the processing goes smoothly in the well-oiled machine that is government paperwork.

  2. We are ALL so ready for you to get out of their. Karzai is (supposedly) making comments like he’ll just join the Taliban. Maybe it’s time for a new government in Afghanistan…one that will appreciate the work that the US does and that will work with us to attain some semblance of peace! Anyway, you’ve all done your part and it’s time to come home.

  3. yes, Mother, I am hearing this crap about Karzai too… seems kinda futile for us to be here helping them get away from the Taliban rule when the man running the country is talking about siding with the bad guys …but, whatever, it’s all up to the US Govt to tell us where to go and what to do–I’m just following the oath I took…I’ll be glad to get the hell out of here tho, that’s for sure.

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