Posted by: Dude in the Desert | April 3, 2010

3 April 10

first off– Happy Easter weekend to everyone … hope you are all enjoying time with the fam and friends and have some awesome Spring weather for all your activities…me, I’ll be packing up crap to mail home …yes, I am getting the hell outta here soon…the new guys are on their way in and I am out-processing…I have been back here at Bagram for about a week now and I haven’t been working–well, not mechanic work anyway…mainly paperwork, making sure people get their awards and credit for meing here…working flights out of this place for my fellow mechanics…and working out in the gym …it’s been nice and quiet and we’ve had great weather –well, the quiet ended tonight, we had a few rockets fly over us and land somewhere on the other side of the base…I guess the bad guys are attacking in protest of Easter–assholes…anyhoo, that’s just normal life here…so far since I have been back a couple friends have had to fly out on emergency leave…one girl lost her grandfather–old age death, but somewhat unexpected, and one of the team guys from the FOB just came thru yesterday because his wife dies in a car accident…it’s crazy to think we are over here fighting a war, but have to go home early because someone in the US dies while living a normal life…it’s really sad…I really want to get out of here, but not for any reason like that …I’ll just wait my turn and roll out as planned … and the plan is that replacements should be getting on flights tonight and tomorrow to start heading this way …of course they have to stop thru Kyrgyzstan like we did, so it’ll still be a couple days before they start showing up …it will be a wonderful sight when those new people come walking out of the pax terminal…not so wonderful for them, but it’s their turn…so the plan for tomorrow is to box things up and get over to the post office…we also will be having a special Easter dinner at the chow hall…I expect the grub to be something like Thanksgiving and Xmas…turkey, ham, sweet taters, mashed taters, all the fixins and sides… prob some decorations –eggs and bunny rabbits or something …whatever… it’ll be good food …it’s been a long tour, but it seems like it flew by, now that I am close to the end…well, I will keep in touch and let everyone know when I am officially getting out of here …it seems like I might not really know until I am actually sitting on the plane –that’s OK, I know it’s soon…love you and miss you all …talk to you soon



  1. And we are so happy that you are leaving the desert, and will get to spend some relaxing time in Italy and riding Black Betty. I know you will have a great time. We’re getting closer and closer to our family reunion and everyone is looking forward to it. I feel so sad for your buddy from the FOB whose wife died. Things like that just aren’t supposed to happen. We can never understand because we don’t know the whole picture. Things happen for a reason, but that is beyond our comprehension. I hope he’s able to come to terms with it. You take good care of yourself and come home safely. We’re all doing well and can’t wait to see you. Keep in touch as often as you can. OOL

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