Posted by: Dude in the Desert | March 18, 2010

18 Mar 10

went out on an early morning mission today … headed out to a drop zone so we could pick up some pallets that were dropped out of the back of a C-130…got up about 0400 to get cleaned up and get some chow…got all my gear loaded up in the truck, and checked everything out…made sure the truck was running fine, commo checks, weapons checks, etc…had some coffee and hung around for a bit till it was time to roll out …as we were loading up the Capt. says “hey, this is all flat desert, so you can’t flip the truck this trip”… hahhaaa, very funny–I replied “oh, I bet I can if I try” …no, I didn’t flip the truck or get stuck in a ditch or anything …altho when we got to the area we pulled off the main path to set up a secure perimeter and the sand was super soft…had to put her in all-wheel-drive…we picked out spot and positioned the truck so we could see everything around us and the gunner had good 360 coverage…then we sat, and sat, and sat some more…we saw some stray dogs running around, some farmers came out when the sun rose, some kids walked by going to school, and a few cars passed by on an adjacent road…someone saw the bird coming around so they popped smoke…the bird cruised by, dropped some pallets out the back and took off…our guys grabbed it, loaded up some trucks and set the trash on fire…then we sat, and sat, and sat some more…this time we saw a couple prairie dogs come up out of their holes and start snooping around…there was a debate about what it was — some thought gopher, some thought ferrit, then it was pretty much everyone throwing out every small rodent type animal they could think of… marmot, meerkat, squirrel, lemming, and prob a few others… it was pretty funny…so the gunner trained his 50 cal machine gun on it–the gun has a camera with zoom action…he zoomed in and we all decided it could only be a prairie dog, given the geographical location and shape and size…that was pretty much the highlight of our mission today…of course, we were still all scanning our sectors for bad guys or suspicious activity…nothing happend… the bird flew around again, dropped some more cargo, we loaded it all up and took off… mission complete…so we were heading back up to the main road from the farmland paths we were on…there was a steep incline to get from the farm back up on the hard road…I punched it and about half way up the incline my truck died…dead, engine shut down… what the crap?? well, I started it back up, put it in drive, held my right foot on the brake, left foot on the gas pedal–to the floor and let off the brake… we pretty much vaulted up on to the hardball…it was a little unnerving…but, whatever…maybe it was in a higher gear or something..not really sure, but the truck is fine…and we are all fine too…well, that was my morning–it’s only 1030 now and I have the rest of the day to chill and work on my tan, study for promotion, and do nothing…thanks to all who had a drink for me last night… I love you all and miss you… talk to you soon



  1. All right now…that’s enough going off the FOB. You are GROUNDED! Get back to BAF and out-process. It’s about time for you to come home. OOL

  2. Roger that, Mom…I think that’s the last thing I’ll be going out on anyway…should be heading back to BAF next week sometime…I’ll let you know for sure when that happens

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