Posted by: Dude in the Desert | March 17, 2010

17 Mar 10

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY to everyone .. if anyone goes out to party tonight they better have a drink for me …anyhoo… FOB life is getting kinda boring can only ride 4-wheelers and shoot weapons so much before it gets to be same ol same ol…don’t get me wrong I still like it here way better than BAF, but I think I am just over the whole thing… ready to get back to civilization…and that is coming up…told out air guy to schedule me for a flight back to BAF…I’ll still be there a couple weeks or so, but it’s one step closer and I can start mailing things home and start packing up…also, the new guys should be getting herearound the first of April, so I’ll be running them around getting them gear they need, training they need, and try to get them on flights to where ever they need to go…Kandahar or FOBs or whatever.. plus, I’ll be getting all my guys back from the FOBs and trying to work flights out of here…I’m really really excited to be leaving…I think I’ve had enough of this trip…things here at the FOB have been pretty slow… a little work here and there with the trucks…yesterday I was working on one of the MRAP top hatches and a bolt broke, the hinge came apart and the door slammed down on top of my foot–about 200+ lbs of raw steel armor… but today it feels much better.. not sure if that’s the percocet or that it’s really not too bad, or maybe both…whatever… it’ll be ok…also, the other day I was asked to be a role player for an exercise with the ANA/ANP…myself and a couple other guys dressed up as locals and hid in a house…the other two guys had AKs, but I was playing a woman so I didn’t get a weapon…it was quite entertaining…for the most part they did pretty good… we rand thru the scenario a couple of times and did some critiques after each round… they came thru and cleared/searched the house as if they were doing a raid or going into the house of known bad guys…that was some good fun…I played it all up too… in a high, shrill voice I was saying things like “I’m a woman, don’t hurt me”, don’t touch me, I’m a woman you dirty pig” …of course hardly any of these guys speak English so they didn’t know waht I was saying, but they all laughed at the voice… a couple times there was a terp close enough to hear me and he would translate…they all got a good laugh out of it…I haven’t been out on any missions lately.. the team guys have gone over to another camp for some training with other local ANP forces, but I have been stuck here on the camp…hopefully I get to go out a couple more times before I leave… just want to feel useful, like I’m here for a reason…but, if I don’t go out, that’s cool too..I have been out and had my fun…well, I guess that’s about all for now… I’ll keep you all posted on my movements and when I might be outta here and all that jazz… love you all and miss you all… getting closer and closer to seeing everyone and I can’t freakin wait…talk to you soon


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