Posted by: Dude in the Desert | March 12, 2010

12 Mar 10

well, I have gone past my 19 year mark in the Air Force … and it feels good … it has been very good to me and I’m looking forward to my next assignment…I just can’t believe it’s been that long already .. time flies when you’re having fun, I guess … well, around here things have been pretty quiet …no missions latley, no attacks, no carziness–until last night… the Afghan New Year is coming up so the locals here decided last night was the night to party it up and celebrate…so, they hired a band and set up lights and decorations in one of the tents here on the camp…it was very interesting …the band was playing local music, of course…they cooked up another sheep, and had their “family” dinner…they all live here on the camp with us, so they all treat eash other like family–from what I can tell anyway…it started with some playful wrestling out in the rocks…it was kinda like a free-for-all…there were no teams, but a few people would gang up on one and they would wrestle that person to the ground and throw in sucker punches or kicks…then they would all get up and chase another dude around …I really have no idea why they did this…didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason…but whatever, they looked like they were having fun…until one guy got knocked down and busted his face on the ground…our doc had to stitch him up over his eye…that was the end of the rough-housing…so over at the tent all the guys were gathered in and sitting all along the edges of the tent…only one guy was out there dancing…everyone else was clapping along to the music and enjoying the show, but nobody wanted to get up and join him…after a while a couple other people joined in… then it just got to be more and more dancing and not so many sitting on the edge of the tent…they tried to get a couple of us GIs in there, but we all declined and let them have their fun…well, a little while later another guy was just walking outside the tent and he stumbled over some rocks, down he went… this guy dislocated his elbow…it was crazy/gross looking…they took him to the med-shed and gave him some drugs…after the drugs kicked in they reset his arm… that was freakin nutso…I didn’t know the body could move in those directions…so, they just gave him an IV and a bag o fluids and let him rest …the night got progressively more festive… everyone joined in the dancing and other people grabbed the mic and decided they knew how to sing–not really the case with most of them…but, they were all singing local music so I have no idea what the original artst sounds like…maybe they were right off key with the original song…who knows… then one of the GIs thought he would liven things up even more .. he hooked his music up to the speakers and threw on some hardcore rap…the locals loved it, but they were still rockin the Afghan dance was hilarious …after a few rap songs one of the locals said he wanted some techno…they found a song and played it… now the main lights went out and people grabbed glow sticks…this was something I never thought I would ever see… Afghan men dancing to techno with glow sticks…who here as ever witnessed that shit ?? nobody, I bet…well, it happened…after a little bit things started dying down so I came back to the room and called it a night…today I slept in–it’s our “down day” or “day of relaxed battle rhythm” as the Army likes to call it…got up around 1000, cleaned up for the day, and we headed to the Indian restaurant for lunch…I have been trying different things there–today I had the chili-garlic-noodles with beef, medium spice… it was quite tasty…after lunch I just kinda milled around doing nothing..I did help out a little with the civilian mechanic and we fixed an oil leak.. that took up about 20-25 minutes of my day…and so I just chilled in the room, went out to wander around every once in a while…hit the gym and watched a couple movies…that’s about all for now… love you and miss you all… only about 30 days left–or soemthing like that… it all depends on the flights out of here…military air travel is so unpredictable–I probably won’t find out when I’m leaving until I am actually on the plane landing in Kyrgyzstan



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