Posted by: Dude in the Desert | March 1, 2010

1 Mar 10

well, it’s the first of March and I got names and emails for our replacements — that’s an awesome sign …we are leaving SSOOOONNN!!! right now I am hearing the training completion date is 30 March, so hopefully they fly straight here from training…anyhoo… for the past coulple days things have been kinda chill around here … did go out on a mission, but me and another guy sat with the trucks in a semi-safe area and the team went out on a foot patrol thru some crazy village…they walked about 9km just checkin things out, seeing how the local Army and Police guys handle business…they said in some sections they litlerally had to walk thru raw sewage…the toilets in these houses around here basically have a little hole, or gutter type thing that drains to a hole or pipe going out the back of the house …all waste just flows out the back of the houses on to the ground …well, there were areas where the only path for them to walk thru was thru this sewage…glad I wasn’t walking with them …they were gone for about 2 hours or so…it looked like a pretty rough walk…it was a cloudy, gloomy day–not too hot, not too cold, but the guys came back sweating their asses off…tired and ready for lunch …we loaded up the trucks and headed back to camp…that was all I did yesterday, and today there isn’t really anything to do–no broke trucks right now, so I cruised around the FOB on one of the ATVs and then hit the firing range to use up a couple clips on my pistol…the rest of the day I have been going back and forth with guys replacing us and the guys here –getting info so i can match replacements with old guys so they can share all the info that have about where they are working …now i’m just hangin out watching a movie waiting till dinner…anyhoo… love you and miss you all … talk to you all soon



  1. SO…you’re leaving NEXT MONTH! That’s awesome…can’t get here soon enough. Miss you! OOL

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