Posted by: Dude in the Desert | February 26, 2010

26 Feb 10

well, we’re getting closer and closer to leaving –can’t wait to get back on Black Betty… anyhoo, yesterday started out kinda early…it was a cloudy, rainy morning…we were waiting on the green light to go outside the wire…weather and MedEvac capabilities play a part in our “go/no go” status…we got all our gear together, checked out the trucks, had breakfast, got our coffee, did commo checks, and all was good to go… we had a mission to go look around and get some info on bad guys and whatnot…well, I single-handedly cut that mission short…as we turned into the muddy trails of our target village, I mad my way down a tiny little “road” and got to a point where there was a big wall on one side and a ditch on the other…the road was kinda slanted from the wall down to the ditch…as I tried to pass a narrow spot with the wall on the left and a washed out hole on the right the truck decided to slide sideways…I hit the throttle to punch past, but the tires just spun out and that was it…we slid sideways right into the ditch–well, mainly just the front end…the back wheels were still sorta up on the road surface, but we were still leaning pretty far over…the ditch was kinda deep and the road already sloped that way–I seriously thought we were gonna flip over on the side…the MRAP is a big, 40,000 lb truck that is rather top heavy…great for flat desert areas like Iraq…not really built for the Afghanistan terrain…but, whatever, it’s what we have and that’s what we use …so, the truck was leaned to max angle without tipping…my TC got out to check out the situation…we called on the radio to let everyone know we were in the shit …everyone stopped, got out and pulled security… I stayed in the truck to see if there was a way to drive out of this mess …I was already in all-wheel-drive, so I locked in the low range, front and rear differentials…put it in reverse and barely touched the pedal–tires just started spinning and the ass end started sliding toward the ditch…so I just hit the brakes hard and put it back in neutral…the other guys walked around looking and assessing the predicament I was in…I couldn’t see anything..the windows were covered in mud and it’s pretty hard to see anythign around that vehicle anyway when you’re sitting in it…so, we decided to use another MRAP to try pulling my out…they hooked up the tow ropes from behind and we all got ready…all I heard was engine revving and some shaking of my truck…but no movement…the other truck was spinning tires too…so, after a little discussion there was another truck up behind me attaching tow ropes…2 MRAPs pulling me out …well, this time it worked…I thought we were gonna tip again as soon as we started moving…but, I held the wheel turned to the right and it rolled the tires back out of the ditch to the road …it was a pain in the ass and everyone was covered with mud…this is the type of mud that sticks to the bottom of your boots while waking in it, and with each step more mud sticks to the previous layer …walk 20 feet and you are 3 inches taller and the boots weight about 20 lbs…like grease…anyhoo, we got out of the ditch and had to back around village walls and corners to get back out …we couldn’t pass the area I got stuck in–the road was destroyed…I mean a small car or donkey cart could make it, but these big trucks wouldn’t fit… so we got back out on the hard road and headed south …basically just doing a presence patrol and seeing if anyone wanted to shoot at us…I felt pretty bad because the area we were going is supposed to be pretty bad with attacks and these guys wanted to find out who was out there …well, it was all good, we took a long road trip and got to a certain point then turned around to head back to base…once we got back I checked out the truck to make sure nothing was damaged…it was all good–just covered in mud…so of course the guys are all giving me shit about not being able to drive…but in reality they all know it was bound to happen..the “roads” were just a sloppy greasy mess…it would have happened to one of us eventually…I just wish it would have been at the end of the trip after we got to do what we went to do….I didn’t have my camera and I was in the truck the whole time anyway… but, a few people got pics and I’ll get the sometime today… so, today is a down day for us… nothing going on, but we will hit up the Indian restaurant for lunch…Ben was supposed to fly out today but the flights got canx’d due to weather …it’s not really bad out but it’s really cloudy over the mountains…so, the flights just didn’t take off from Bagram…oh well, he’s happy he gets to stay another day or two…ok, well, I’ll get those pics up as soon as I get them…love you and miss you all



  1. Sorry your trip got cut short…but glad it turned out all right. It might have been a blessing in disguise…and kept you from getting ambushed somewhere down the road. And I’m especially thankful that you made it back to the FOB. OOL

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