Posted by: Dude in the Desert | February 20, 2010

20 Feb 10

yesterday was my day off, so the night before that I hung out in the dayroom with some of the guys and watched them play poker all night …good fun…the cook decided to buy in late in the game and ended up taking forever …I left before the game ended–around 0230 and hit the sack…slept in till about 1100 on Friday and got up just to do some laundry and clean up the room…not much going on at all…it’s a normal down-day for us since all the locals are off work that day…didn’t really do anything all day, just kinda bummed around and watched a couple movies….today I actually worked a full day…changed out a carb and some spark plugs on one of the ATVs–the one Ben was riding when I had to tow him back…turns out one of the spark plugs was broken and there were pieces down where the socket would go to pull it out…had to remove the gas tank and all the plastic panels to get down in there and fish those pieces out– what a pain in the ass …so, of course after I had it all back together I had to take it for a test ride…back to the giant mud puddles …that things runs like a beast now …it’s one of the older ones and it’s lighter, but seems like it has more power…it was a fun, muddy ride…this time I got covered with all the mud I was splashing thru …an overall good day at work…dinner tonight was Afghan-style food…flat bread, beef and chicken kabobs, smoe kind of potato thing with chicken mixed in there, the famous green sauce, and some little beef patties that look kinda like mini-hamburgers but they are filled with spices and herbs…it was a great tasty meal…now I am just chillin in the room watching some movies and will prob head to bed soon…not really tires, just not much to do…love you and miss you all… talk to you soon



  1. Sounds like you had a fun day…YAY! We miss you. OOL

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