Posted by: Dude in the Desert | January 12, 2010

12 Jan 2010

well there is more moving of people all over the place .. lots of people in and lots of people out … this place is getting crowded — at the chow hall they put up a sign — “IF YOU DON’T LIVE HERE YOU DON’T EAT HERE!!” they have plenty of food, but not enough pans, pots, utinsels, etc… they just can’t push all the people thru in enough time to wash, clean everything and set it back out for the next meal …there are pallets and bags and boxes and connexes and all kinds of gear all over the camp …last night I drove the shop truck and it busted a steering hose…so, that was first thing to work on this morning …not too bad of a job, but it took forever to refill the steering fluid … didn’t even get it done until after lunch … then we went out to the junk yard to steal some parts for a window–one of the teams here ran into the gate and busted all the hardware holding in the window…well, we got all the crap off an old blown up hummer, but when we got back to our camp and tried to install everything the parts didn’t fit… same exact set up, but different year models…the hardware was all about and inch longer than the truck being repaired …not gonna work …so we ended up going over to the other motorpool to find the books for the new truck and order the parts …these trucks are crazy … same models, same set up, different years so different parts …then I had to come back and deal with my bank …I scheduled a “payment” of $10K and they double scheduled it– so, it was gonna be $20K going out instead…that is not cool…I ain’t that rich …but, luckily there are some awesome ladies at the bank in Italy and they hooked me up so it didn’t create a giant hole in my account…well, that’s about all I got goin on these days …oh yeah– I haven’t been on the internet in the past couple days because someone decided it would be a big “F you” to the people staying here — they cut all the internet cables going to the living quarters…we are guessing it was someone supposed to be leaving the other night …payback’s a bitch… the plane got delayed till further notice, so they didn’t leave…that’s our theory anyway.. nobody knows who it was for sure tho …but it was deliberate…all the wires on all the “cans” cut in the same place…people can just be total assholes sometimes…ok, that’s all… love you and miss you all



  1. You wouldn’t expect behavior like that in a WAR ZONE…where people should be very close and appreciate what everyone else is going through…that’s just inexcusable! I guess things will settle down there in a couple of weeks when everyone who’s leaving has gone and everyone coming is there. Nice that you were able to get that bank problem fixed. All’s well here…we’ve had freezing nights for the past 10 or so nights, but we’re supposed to get back to normal this week…with a high of 78 this weekend…FINALLY. OOL

  2. Still freezing here in NC! And I agree, that is childish behavior, I can’t believe our own side would do that to our own people, just out of spite.

    Glad you’re ok, OOL and YAY for being over halfway done!

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