Posted by: Dude in the Desert | January 6, 2010

6 Jan 2010

well, today was just another day at the barn …we did have something hit last night … not sure what it was, but it was a pretty loud boom…must have been pretty close to this area of the base …no injuries or casualties reported, so I guess it hit outside the wire…work today consisted of fixing a truck for some of the special forces guys … they brought a truck over and said the steering was really hard, and it the brakes didn’t work quite right …he said it started doing that about 20 miles outside of Bagram on their way in …well, that’s pretty obvious that there was no power steering fluid…both of those systems run off the same pump/reservoir…we looked around underneath but couldn’t find any leaks …apparently it all leaked out and dried up in that 20 miles…when we started filling the system up there was a huge leak at the back side of the truck…we spilled about 2 gallons on the ground…yup, busted line…so while I tried to reach the line I had one of the other guys lift up the ass end of the truck with a forklift so I could get between the fender well and the tire to reach in there and fix this line…it’s great working in a war zone–none of the safety rules apply…but it was quick and easy and got the job done…line fixed, fluid topped off, air bubbles worked out=truck was good to go…that was the extent of my actual work today…been seeing a lot of new faces around the camp lately…all the new guys are showing up …all the old guys are coming in from FOBs and packing stuff up and getting ready to get out of here…all these guys that have been out at FOBs for the past 6 months all have beards, but when they come here they have to get cleaned up…there are signs on some of the office doors saying personnel need to be shaved with a proper haircut to out-process that office…I guess people need to look presentable when they get on that bird …that’s good news for us–people leaveing…that means we are half way thru this deployment …well, I guess that’s all I got for now … love you and miss you all



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