Posted by: Dude in the Desert | December 25, 2009


and so it’s Christams day … nothing too exciting going on around here … got the day off work, and the chow hall is going to have a nice dinner spread …I went to the BX today to pick up a couple needed items–soap and whatnot…work has been pretty slow…turned in a couple generators, worked on a couple trucks, sat around most of the time doing nothing…got me another tattoo the other night …it turned out great …also, set up an appointment to get another…gotta get in as much as I can before Feb–that’s when the tatt guy goes back home …as most of the guys here, he is excited to be leaving soon…most of the guys I work with out at the barn will be gone before the end of Jan…we should see a bunch of new guys showing up here soon…there will be a big change-over in the next few weeks …hopefully the guys coming in are as cool as the guys here now …us AF people are supposed to be kinda like a bridge of continuity between the Army units as they transition in and out…I don’t think there will be much difference between the two groups…there were a few of the new guys here about a month ago just to check out the situation, see how things operate, and prepare their guys for what they are coming in to…the weather is still crazy–sunny and nice during the day–today I am just wearing pants and a t-shirt–but at night it gets down in the low teens…still no snow … which is just amazing .. usually this place is covered with 6-8 inches of snow this time of year …I would like to thank all of my fam and friends who sent gifts, packages, goodies, and all the well wishes and prayers during this holiday season…it really means a lot to me in a place like this …I love you all and wish you all the best and hope your holidays are filled with love and family and great times…love you and miss you all
talk to you soon



  1. Hope you have a good one. Will be thinking extra good thoughts for you.

  2. OOL right back atcha!

  3. I’m glad some of your troops are going home soon…wish you could be one of them, but they’ve probably been there longer and it’s time to go home…good for them. January is just next week, so that puts you at about half-way through your tour. Then it will all be downhill from there…YEA! You know you are thought about every day all day long by lots of people around the world. You have a pretty big network of family and friends. We love you and send good wishes your way. Stay safe! OOL

  4. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/28/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

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