Posted by: Dude in the Desert | December 19, 2009

19 Dec 09

well, just another long boring day at the barn … altho, there were some interesting events …this morning one of the guys hopped out of a truck and left it in gear–really, he just didn’t move the gear selector all the way up in to Park, instead he let go with it in Reverse…so it went rolling thru the parking area and smacked into a big ol 5-ton truck…didn’t do anything to the 5-ton, but the pick-up sustained some serious damage to the side of the bed…well, Bruce-the driver-kinda freaked out, almost had a heart attack–he is 58 yrs old…but, all was well and nobody got hurt…we pulled the truck over by the barn and I jumped in a big All-Terrain forklift, stuck the forks against the bed of the truck and just turned the forks to the side…almost good as new…pretty much straightened the bed/body, but the tail light is still smashed in and the side of the truck is a little warped…oh well, it’s a POS truck anyway…also got some news about one of the teams out at one of the FOBs…they were out on a mission and got hit with an attack…it turned bad when the bad guys started throwing mortar rounds …one guy had seriouls femoral bleeding and it tore thru his colon–all the waste in the colon got spread thru the rest of his lower torso, so he is fighting infection and internal bleeding..the word is that he will make it, but he’s going thru some bad stuff…another guy got hit in the face with some shrapnel–the medic…he held his eye/forehead with one hand and helped out with his free hand…another guy got shot in the upper arm…I guess there were 6 total and they all got beaten up, broken bones, etc…but those were the 3 that I got details on…they are all gonna live and be OK, but it was a close one…the guy in the worst condition is already in Germany…I guess the cold weather isn’t slowing down the bad guys too much…fortunately we haven’t had anything here on BAF lately, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time…we will get hit again soon…can’t ever let down your guard no matter how long it’s been since the last attack…I had an appointment last night for another tattoo, but we worked on the sketch and decided to reschedule for this coming Wednesday…it’s like an addiction…I can’t get enough…I want a new one every day…I guess that’s a little too much, but once a week should be good … well, I guess that’s about it for now …I love you and miss you all and hope you all are getting ready for your holiday time off, time with families, loved ones, and good food…please just remember all the troops out here and all over the world that can’t be with their families–just think of them and maybe say a little thanks for their sacrifices…hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas…talk to you soon

FOB chow hall--yes, this is the WHOLE thing



  1. What I want most of all for Christmas is for you to be safe! I’ll be SO glad when you come home…and thousands and thousands of other people are praying for the same thing for their loved ones. A lot of non-military families don’t even know what all our military folks and their families have to endure, physically, emotionally and financially. I appreciate every one of you who is in the military, here or abroad. Every single person contributes to the overall cause. But you already know how I feel. And we are definitely proud of you for your sacrifices. And we love you! OOL

  2. AND…a special prayer for those who were injured in the latest attack…and comfort for their families.

  3. One more thing…doesn’t that chow hall remind you of Mustard’s Last Stand in Old Fort??

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