Posted by: Dude in the Desert | December 12, 2009

12 Dec 09

the last couple days have been back to the same ol boring stuff… drained some fluids from a generator, had to deal with the POS chow hall truck starter again, it’s been cold and crappy weather, but no more snow…I got some packages in the mail with great home-made goodies–thank you all…I ate some up, and stowed a few things for myself, and took the rest over to the barn today …almost everything is gone already …one day in a barn full of GIs–home made brownies, fudge, cookies, rice krispy treats don’t stand a chance…the locals polished off a pan of brownies before lunch…I haven’t done much else because it’s dark about an hour after I get off work, plus there isn’t much to do around here anyway…so, that’s about all I got going on right now…love you and miss you all… talk to you soon



  1. The pictures you send always make me so thankful that we live in the United States. We sometimes become so complacent/spoiled. We take for granted things so basic like running water, heat or cooling, and food on the table, and can’t even comprehend life without these things. Next time someone complains about our roads, they should think about Afghanistan!

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