Posted by: Dude in the Desert | December 2, 2009

2 Dec 09

well, today started off crappy…went to take a shower and whatnot…no freakin water…it’s crappy cold, rainy weather and now I have to walk an extra 100 feet or so to go to the other latrines…but, I guess it’s just the crap you have to deal with when living the glamorous life of an Airman living the glamorous life of a Soldier…headed over to the barn and got ready to start the day’s chores…first on the list–get a cup o coffee…that helped things get off to a better start…after the coffee I headed back out to this trailer that needed fuel drained from it…this sounds like a pretty easy chore…a little trailer, two wheels, a hitch, and a fuel tank…well, here’s what goes into this whole ordeal…first, need a place to put the fuel–something large enough…well, the tank holds 50 gallons, so we go find a 55 gallon empty barrel…then, we think about it for a second…once it gets full we need to be able to pick it up…so then we have to run around and find a good sturdy wood pallet to set the barrel on…this takes a while to accomplish–because, when we are finished using a wood pallet the locals take them and hide them so they can take them home to use as fire wood, building material, fences, etc…so, after finding these items it’s time to drain the tank…well, almost…we have to find a good sized funnel so we can pour 50 gallons out of a trailer…found a funnel in the other shop’s hazwaste area…now, lift the trailer up, tilt it to the side, drain the fuel…not yet…gotta get a big forklift…I get in the forklift to cruise over there–dead freakin battery…so now I gotta get our shop truck over to the forklift, pull out the jumper cables, get the forklift started, park the truck, put the jumper cables away…finally, drive over to the trailer in the forklift and pick ‘er up…well, this worked for a little while, but eventually the fuel stopped flowing…the port where the fuel was coming out is on top of the tank, and the forklift doesn’t tilt far enough to get everything out…so, we bust out the drill…the trailer is going to scrap metal anyway, so we just drill a hole thru the bottom…then I have to maneuver the forklift to get the hole over the barrel…that was fun–we spilled a little, but not enough to destroy the earth…then we were good to go…sat there watching fuel drain thru a 3/8 in hole…that took forever…so we stood around BSing while waiting for this thing to empty…that project took us up to lunch…lunch was beef stew over white rice..and a piece of lemon cake…good stuff…so, after lunch the mission was to pressure wash this trailer and the generator section…this involved forklifting the units over to the wash rack and asking Ray for the keys to the pressure washer cabinet, hook up all the hoses, spray degreaser all over the things, spray it all down, disconnect everything, lock it back up, and place the stuff back over in the yard to await paperwork to be sent to where ever they are to go in the near future…so, after this craziness of “draining fuel”, I printed out some pictures and took them over to the tatt guy…he set up an appointment in a week to get some ink stabbed into my skin…hopefully I’ll still be here…(nice transition)…there is still talk of going out to a FOB, but that changes every day…as a matter of fact, it changed twice just today…this morning we weren’t going, this afternoon, and as of right now, we are going…we’ll see…tomorrow morning I am supposed to find out the fly date…I really hope I can get some work done as soon as possible…hopefully we’ll be delayed till the end of next week…here’s the story about the latest changes in my travels…there is another AF guy out at a FOB working on AC/heater systems…chief wants him to go out with me and the generator guy, so he wants to wait till the AC guy gets back before sending us out…no idea when this guy will return…so, he decided to send us out to a different FOB for a generator while waiting for the AC guy…the people at this other FOB decided to send the generator to a different FOB to have it fixed…the other FOB that was supposed to fix it decided they would send it here to be fixed…the “fixer” FOB called the guys at the barn asking for a truck to transport the generator from them to us…the whole puzzle slowly came together up here and chief said “hell no”…that’s the whole point of us going out to the FOB in the first place…so, this afternoon, the generator remains in place and me and Joe will go out to fix it…chief said he talked with the airflow people and would have us a fly date sometime tomorrow morning…it’s freakin ridiculous…so, that’s life around here…lots of fun and games, and a massive amount of confusion…on a lighter note, Ma, thank you very much for the package–all the locals said to thank you for the, da shakur (thank you in Farsi or Dhari or something) …they have been putting it to good use the last couple days…love you and miss you all



  1. Sweet jingle truck. Too bad you can’t bring one of those back all tricked out. 🙂

  2. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/02/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  3. Do the locals know how to play real volleyball…with the net?

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