Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 29, 2009

29 Nov 09

first off, I can’t believe it’s the end of November– and close to the end of 2009…tht is just crazy to me…time is flying by–not necessarily here in Afghanistan, but time in general…I remember this time 2007–I was out at the FOB here in Afghanistan…it’s hard to understand that was 2 years ago…seems like it was yesterday…anyhoo…life is the same ol stuff around here …it is getting colder by the day…there is ice on the ground, frost on windows, and now I can even see my breath in the middle of the day…today is my day off…just kinda sitting around doing nothing …I’ll clean up the room and maybe drop off some laundry but that’s about all…yesterday at work our entire mission for the day was to go out to the airfield and pick up a new forklift…that took about an hour of the day…we did take off early tho…the local workers are off for about 5-6 days due to Eid al-Adha–and it seems as tho yesterday I was writing this same thing in my blog….it’s the time of year when the Muslim world celebrates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, showing his committment to Allah…so, with that, the truck drivers are also off and nothing is being shipped in or out…there aren’t any broke vehicles to fix either…things are kinda slow… perfectly fine with me…we show up at the barn around 0900, go upstairs to get some coffee, sit around trying to stay warm, and do some small things around the area–just for something to do…we do have agenerator that came in from a FOB..this thing is all kinds of messed up…we tried to get it running, but it keeps popping circuit breakers, the axle is bent, there was no battery, it has a pretty good oil leak, and it’s just in crappy condition…it’s 6 years old–which is about the life expectancy for that type of generator anyway…so Monday we have some work to do…we have to separate the trailer from the generator portion…the trailer will go to the junk yard and the generator/engine part will go to a major rebuild section over on the other side of the airfield…another all afternoon trip…so, tomorrow might actually be a full day of activity…well, I guess that’s about it for now… love you and miss you all…talk to you soon



  1. So…I haven’t heard from you in 3 days and I was getting a little antsy…but I’m glad to hear all is well. We miss you! OOL

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