Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 29, 2009

26 Nov 09

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE– I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU….so, yes, I did have to work today…but it wasn’t too bad… changed out a starter and repaired the low plug system on the chow hall’s trash truck…this thing is NASTY…they haul all the chow hall trash to the dumpster…all rotting, leftover, stank food stuff…we had to steal a push button switch from a generator…I wired it up and mounted it in the lighter hole by the ashtray–this truck is a 1988 model truck so it still actually has a a real ashtray and old school lighter…well, the lighter is gone now…anyhoo…that was work for the day, then we got off work around 1400 hrs…as for dinner, I heard all about the preparation they were doing at the chow hall over on the other camp, so I decided that’s where I was going to eat…and they had it all…ice sculptures, display cakes in the shapes and colors of the unit badges/patches, a cornucopia made of a wire frame wrapped in dough and painted with Worcesterchire sauce–for proper coloring, and they had all the traditional foods–ham, turkey, roast beef, mac n cheese, candied yams, smashed taters–which I was told were 250 lbs of real peeled, cut, boiled, smashed by hand taters…and all kinds of other food…it was a pretty nice spread…plus there were lots of cakes and pies and desserts…I loaded my tray up with everything that would fit, then had two different kinds of cake…it was great …still not as good as spending the holidays with family, but as good as it could be in a war zone…after dinner I just sat around feeling fat and lazy…it was nice…again, hope you all had a great turkey day and hopefully I’ll be with family next year to give thanks…love you and miss you all

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  1. We all sure thought about you all day…and hoped at least you were spending the day enjoying extra good food…and friendships. We had a very quiet day with Ashley as our only guest…but it was nice…just quiet. Next year we’ll have a bigger, better one and hope you can join us. OOL

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