Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 26, 2009

25 Nov 09

so kinda lied– the sun actually came out today .. it was a nice sunny day–still cold as hell, but at least it was sunny…after breakfast and shower and getting to work, cup of coffee, it was time to work…we loaded up a Toyota pick up truck that came from one of the FOBs…this thing was completely wrecked… looked like it rolled down a hill or something…there was a large hole thru the shattered windshield–the giant rock was on the floor in the cab…we forklifted it up on the back of a big cargo truck and cruised over to our other camp…well, when we got to the yard where it was going the gate was locked and nobody around… so we stepped out, had a smoke and waited…finally someone showed up to open the gate… I drove in and someone else arrived with a forklift and unloaded the mangle mess that used to be a truck…we hopped back in the cargo truck and headed to our camp…this whole story took about a minute to write–the actual mission took about two hours to complete…so, that blew our whole morning–it was lunch time…lunch was lunch.. same ol same ol…after lunch the mission was to deliver a large refrigeration unit to the container yard on the other side of the base…again, the story will be about a minute long, but it was two hours of loading, driving, talking, unloading, and driving back…as I walked into the barn yard, Joe and one of the barn guys were already loading the refer unit on the truck…we strapped it down and headed out…back on the main drag of BAF and into the lunch time rush hour traffic…it still blows my mind how bad the traffic is here…it’s like some major city at 5pm…anyhoo, the drive took us about 30-40 minutes, and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going…but, we found it…pretty much on the exact opposite side of the flightline from our camp…so I pulled in and looked for the office to make sure we were in the right place…well, after some explanation, a couple phone calls, and checking serial numbers, the guy in that yard told us where to go and who to talk to…we had to maneuver around large stacks of connexes, and a chaotic dance of forklifts moving, stacking, loading, unloading all kinds of pallets, boxes, parts, supplies, and whatever else there is to move around…this yard is huge and it is filled with hundreds of containers–like the one I live in…the big 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers…I drove around as per our directions and found the man–Shaban (sp), and he directed me to follow a forklift to the download area…finally we were in the right spot…we unstrapped and let the forklift operator do his thing…after the truck was empty we headed back out …driving around the perimeter of the base we can see all the mountains–all the snow-covered mountains…the base is surrounded by high mountains all the way around…all of them are covered with snow now…we kinda took the long way back–well, I guess we were pretty much in the middle so either way would have been about the same…again, we got back to the camp and it was about time to call it a day…doesn’t sound like much work, but around here it takes forever to do anything…so that was my work day…after work I studied a little and pretty much just sat around doing nothing…anyhoo, that’s about all for now… love you and miss you all



  1. Nice picture! It’s good seeing you. Well, at least you had some things to do to help your day go a little faster…it’s always good to stay busy if you HAVE to work and if you HAVE to be in the desert…and that sure looks like a desert to me. Happy Thanksgiving. We miss you and love you.

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