Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 24, 2009

22 Nov 09

this morning I woke up to another call from the chief…this time it was to tell me that we needed to get some humm-vees cleaned up and prepped to take part in a “Fallen Comrade” ceremony…for those who have joined me recently, this is what we do when we have some KIA and they transport the remains to the airfield…I don’t know the circumstances regarding this death, but it was someone from our unit…the vehicles carry the caskets, draped in the US flag, and make their way from one end of the main street thru the base to the main entrance point on the flight line to be loaded on the aircraft headed to the US…when this happens most personnel on the base line the sides of the street and render proper respect–i.e. standing at attention and snapping a salute as the vehicle passes, acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice this service member has made for our country…so, we headed over to the shop and picked up two vehicles–one with the casket and another for escort–both of which armed with gunners and weapons…we washed them meticulously, and cleaned the inside as if we were working at a detailing shop…we wiped down the tires and removed some of the accessories from the interior to ensure room for the casket and escort personnel…it was a very somber honor…prepping the trucks might seem like something trivial, but anything having to do with the transport of a fallen brother/sister is something I take very seriously…that took us all morning and afte lunch we topped off the fuel in the vehicles…while working under the overhang of the other shop, I ran in to the tattoo guy…he said he hadn’t been checking his email, so he didn’t know I sent him some of the ideas I want to work with…he assured me he would check them out and get back to me…of course, the internet was down all day yesterday and came back up sometime this morning…as with any other time we lose a war fighter, we had a commo blackout…this is to give the military time to contact the next of kin before rumors and stories start flying around the hometowns of all of us deployed people…it doesn’t really stop anything because the info is on the news 3 hours after it happens…as mom knows, no news is good news…if the military isn’t knocking on her door I must be safe and sound…also, I am going to be heading out to a couple different FOBs here in the near future… going out for a status check on the generators and vehicles at a couple places…some of hte FOBs have actual mechanics, but others only have a local with some mechanical knowledge, butno expertise on the specific equipment…me and Joe–the generator guy–have to go out and see what’s what…it’ll be cool to go out and see different things, but I really want to start my tattooing sessions..I got A LOT of stuff I want done…they will be short trips tho, so I’m not all that worried about it…by the way, the weather sucks…it’s dreary, rainy, cold, and just overall shitty…I am pretty sure I ahve seen the last of the sun for a couple months…good thing I got all this cold weather Army gear…well, that’s about all for now… love you and miss you all



  1. We saw a movie called Taking Chance, starring Kevin Bacon. It was a good movie about escorting a KIA back to his family. It made us proud to be Americans, and part of the military family.

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