Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 22, 2009

22 Nov 09

around 12–noon I was wakened by the sound of my phone ringing… normally I wouldn’t even care, but for some reason I picked it up to see who was calling…it was Chief…dammit man, some work must need to be done…so I answer and sure enough he wants me to find Joe so we can go fill up the the fuel tank on a wrecker…this is a big ass 8 wheeled tow truck–specifically designed for the military to haul big, heavy military equipment…I couldn’t find Joe so I started up the truck to head over there–thinking I might need jumper cables or something…this wrecker hasn’t been started in a while…it’s supposed to go out to a FOB somewhere, but nobody wants it, or has scheduled shipment or whatever…anyhoo, as I get in my truck chief calls back–Joe’s at the wrecker with chief…so I cruise over there and we look over the truck–the fuel tank is eemmmppttyyyyy….almost nothing but fumes…chief explains that a security patrol outside the base perimeter has been stuck in the mud, or a ditch, or something, and the big base main Army element is going out to try to recover these trucks, but they may need our truck too…so, I was waiting for this thing to build up air pressure so we could drive to the fuel pumps…well, it was taking forever…while waiting I checked out some of the other operations of the truck…then we noticed there were locks on all the compartments–where the tow controls and attachments would be stowed…also, a lock on the steering column…all these trucks are “combat start”–that means they just have a basic switch to start the engines…so the only way to lock them is put a chain around the steering wheel and lock it to something immobile in the cab…kinda like “the club” for civilian cars…well, there is always a “master key” for any kind of lock…you know them as bolt cutters…nobody knew where the real keys were to this stuff so we busted out the bolt cutters and were good ot go..well, not exactly…the air still wasn’t building up in this thing…so I messed with the brake pedal, the parking brake knobs, and the throttle pedal–all of which are operated by air…something happened–not sure what, as I was playing with all of them at the same time… finally the air started to build up properly…this was about 30 minutes later…so, the low air buzzer stopped piercing my eardrum and we headed out…well, as soon as we got to the gate of our camp the traffic on the main road came to a complete stop…nothing coming or going… there was a jingle truck dead in the middle of the road blocking both lanes of traffic…some of the smaller trucks made u-turns and took side roads…well, I wasn’t going anywhere with this giant monster tow truck I was, I put her in park and set the parking brake…we sat for about 30-40 minutes before anything started moving…if I could have gotten up there I would have towed that damn jingle truck out of the way…anyhoo, we got to the fuel pumps and started taking on fuel…it took a while…the tank took 96 gallons and was still only 3/4 full… I told the dude to stop pumping because that would be enough for us…then back the other way on the main road…more freakin traffic…it’s amazing how much traffic is on this base…there must be at least one vehicle for ever single person here…so it took us another 25 minutes just to get back to the camp–this little excursion of “getting gas” took us about an hour and a half to accomplish..and the fuel pumps are only about half a mile away…freakin ridiculous…so we got back on camp and the chief asked if we wanted to go out for this recovery operation.. I asked where it was exactly..he said outside the wire about 10-15 minutes out…and there were two trucks stuck in either mud holes or ditches…this means, full battle rattle, weapons, full combat load of ammo-7 magazines, muddy boots, maybe muddy pants, dirty shitty work hooking up the tow attachments to the tow truck and the stuck trucks, and freezing my ass off for a few hours minimum…I knew this operation was gonna last way past sunset—so I decline his generous offer… it would have been something different and something to break the monotony, but I’ll pass–thanks anyway…Joe decided he wanted to go.. I don’t even know if he’s back yet–it’s 9pm here…chief told Joe to make sure to get something to eat first…so we headed over to the BBQ…they decided to do the BBQ at lunch time today since it’s getting dark a lot earlier and a lot colder around dinner time…today they had a live band playing too–but we didn’t get to see them because we were stuck in traffic getting fuel…the band was packing up all their stuff as we rolled up…but, we did get some good steak and chili/beans–they call it beans, but it’s more like chili to me…so, I had that, and hung out talkign with some people…I met a girl that was talking about her band…she is in a “woodwind quartet”… she plays flute…she says they play for ceremonies and small services, the church, and may be doing some “carolling” around the holidays…it was a funny conversation… I was asking if they played any hard rock like Metallica or some hardcore gangsta rap–just trying to be funny, but she was serious the entire time explaining that they do Disney songs, typical classical music, xmas carol type things…we obviously had different senses of humor…then she actually asked I wanted her number or info to book any kind of show with them…I politely explained that I wouldn’t be holding any official ceremonies or xmas carol auditions any time soon, but thanks anyway…after my belly was full, and my brain was perplexed, I headed over to the chief’s office area to see if the guys headed out yet…I could see by the absence of the wrecker that they had gone out…but, I was happy to see that I got a package…it was some electric hair clippers to shave my noggin…so I came back to the room, shaved my head–these clippers rock…they chave down to the skin–almost like straight razor close…after the dome was shiny I swept up, and cleaned my room…wanted to do laundry, but the washers and dryers are all being replaced and the laundry room is shut down till tomorrow…oh well, good thing I brought plenty of drawers, socks, and t-shirts…so, I just took a shower and called it a day…I went to warm up some of the wings I had left and blew the fuse in the transformer…good thing my computer runs off the house power 220 volts…ok, well, that was my exciting weekend and day off…I’ll write more later… love you all



  1. Seems like the US gov’t should consider using camels…they’re probably a lot cheaper and easier to manipulate through all the traffic. I don’t know how many camels it would take to pull a jingle truck out of the sand though…it might be worth a little research. And, I’m sure their food (hay) would be cheaper than gas.

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