Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 21, 2009

21 Nov 09

today actually consisted of some work…well, doing something, not actual wrench turning work…anyhoo…got up this morning early enough to hit the treadmill for my 2 mile sucked…for some reason it never gets any easier…I can build up on push-ups, sit-ups, weights, and pretty much any type of exercise…but running always sucks and I never get used to it…oh well, I guess that’s just the way it goes…anyhoo, after the gym I had some breakfast, and on the way out I saw the infamous piece of shit truck that the chow hall uses to take the trash to the dumpster…this truck is a 1988 model old school military spec diesel pick up truck…beat up, spray painted different colors, the seat is only half there–there is a piece square foam sitting on top of what is a seat frame, and this thing just needs to be sent to the dump…well, just about every morning Jen calls me to come start this thing…a couple days ago I got the call and headed over to check it out…usually it cranks and cranks and finally starts for me, with a giant cloud of black smoke and some squealing from the belts…but this time it just clicked…click click…that was it…the starter was fried…too much abuse trying to start the thing…so, I got a starter from some of the other guys on the camp and gave out parts guy the stock number to order one…that’s kinda how it works around here…networking, and scratching each others’ backs…kinda why I am helping out the chow hall people…I get a case of protein shakes, a box of granola bars, tonight I got some hotwings from the other camp’s chow hall…sorry, back to the day’s events…so I planned to try to work on the chow hall truck, but this morning at work, after coffee and BSing for 30-45 minutes we started moving parts and tires and whatever around so they could place 3 more connexes out by our barn…that burned up about an hour…then I went to lunch…as I head to lunch I usually stop by the chief’s office to see if I got any mail…they just bring it to the main office and lay it all out on the table…well, today I got a small package…a dvd series.. Sons of Anarchy…I heard a little about it, and read some stuff on line…well, I watched the first episode at lunch today — I’m hooked… it’s and awesome show…after lunch I headed back over to the barn and we sat there for a couple hours doing nothing …the other guys at the barn went out to the gate to escortsix jingle trucks in to drop off and pick up supplies/parts, etc…well, they didn’t show up until around 1530…so we ended up working late again … not that it really matters much–there isn’t really anything else to do around here other than work…the point is this…how bout we get trucks in around 1000 hrs and get done at 1430 ?? that would make too much sense…so we unloaded some ATVs and some old refrigerators and a piece of crap exercise machine…it sounds stupid, but I guess it’s better than just dumping the stuff out in the middle of Afghanistan…so we are the junkyard…I did get to cruise around on the ATVs a little bit tho…that felt good…man, I miss Black Betty…we took them over to the wash rack and cleaned them up so the ATV shop can work on them and get them back out to the FOBs…that held up over till about 1700 and we were done for the day…I came back to my room and started watching some more of the SoA…and, as I said before, I got some hotwings from a friend at the other chow hall…I went over to our chow hall and met some people over ther for dinner … those wings and some candied yams made an awesome dinner… I even brought some back to the room to eat later tonight…it’s my “weekend” night so I get to stay up later partying like a rock star…really, just sitting here watching movies and playing on the internet…also, got some news about the fuel truck escort that was going on…no fuel truck drivers will go down that route…I guess there was some coersion to get them started in the right direction, but once the drivers got to a certain area they all stopped…there were burned/blown up trucks along the sides of the road…the drivers stopped and said they weren’t doing it…I guess there is limit to what money can buy…I have a feeling that there might be some people out there willing to do the job for that money, but they ain’t working around here…they would probably have ot pay me a lot more too– but I guess if Uncle Sam says go down that road, I’ll go down that road…don’t worry Ma, they’re not asking me to go that way…ok, well, that’s about it for now…love and miss you all…talk to you later



  1. Thanks for not going down that road…don’t make me kick your butt!

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