Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 19, 2009

19 Nov 09

this morning I saw chief in the latrine and he assured me that we would be picking up generators today…anyho, it was just another day of sitting around and not doing much at the barn…found out one of the Army guys is going home early…having family problems…that sucks–he won’t be back either…they aren’t supposed to leave until Jan, but I guess this is something big…not really sure what the deal is–I try not to get into other people’s business…anyhoo, one less person at the barn means others have to take up the slack…not that it really affects me in anyway…I just fix trucks nad push parts/supplies out to the other mechanics out at the FOBs…that’s just the new talk of the guys at work..thought I’d share…so as usual I go upstairs, get a cup of coffee, smoke a few cigarettes and wait for lunch…pretty much the same as every other day .. altho, no v-ball today.. theguy hit it over some connexes yesterday and now they can’t find it…so instead they just sit outside on whatever chairs they can find and soak up the sun…it’s starting to get really on windows cold…I’m even gonna have to bust out my long johns soon…as I was finishing up lunch around 1300 I got a call from chief…he said the paperwork for the generators was being accomplished and we would get a call about 1330 to go pick them up…now this might now sound like a big deal, but we have to drive a big forklift and a big truck over to the other side of the base–which is a pain in the ass in itself…the speed limit on the entire base is 15mph and there are crosswalks every 20 feet…it’s crazy…there are about 234245 vehicles on this base and it seems like everyone in the world is driving here at all times…so, just going over to the generator yard takes forever, and then we have to load up 10 large generators, bring them back, download…well, some guy that has something to do with the generators shows up around 1430 and says, let’s roll…well, last time some people went out there they had the area closed for de-mining… yes, finding land mines and clearing them out…this is on base, near the flightline, in the middle of work areas…so, someone decided that we should do a recon run to make sure the road was open…that alone took 30 minutes…when we got there the de-mining team was just finishing up for the day…I can’t believe we have been here this long and there are still fields of mines on the freakin base…so we turn around, roll back to camp, and get the big trucks and forklift…around 1530 we start loading … the guy driving the forklift sucks…obviously not his primary job…so that took forever… we got one truck loaded and I took off back to camp to start downloading here…the Air Force generator guy I work with–Joe–came rolling up with the other truck, but not all the generators…my truck was empty so I started downloading his truck and told him to take my truck back to the yard…after all was said and done it was about 1800 hrs … the first day I have worked overtime here and all because somebody couldn’t get paperwork done…ridiculous…but, I guess that’s how things go around here… just wait to be on standby to be ready to wait some more…so, I am tired, and I think it’s time to hit the showers and lay in bed watching movies… love you all, miss you all, talk to you soon



  1. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/19/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  2. Hey cuz…do they have nicorette in the BX? 😉 OOL right back at ya.

  3. There’s a place in Orlando that used to be a practice WORLD WAR II bombing range…now that area has a new housing development, a new school, and a whole new community built on top of it. Guess what? They’re finding unexploded bombs all over the place…OOPS!!! Of course, people can’t sell their homes and move away, and the Army Corps of Engineers says it’s not going to go away any time soon. They have been out there with metal detectors and detonating a bunch of the bombs…but there are more out there…next they’re going to start looking under the trailers that are being used for temporary classrooms…would you want YOUR kids going to school there???? So it’s no surprise that there are still mines all over Afghanistan…including the base; HOWEVER, you would think they would be a little more cautious in Afghanistan…who’s be involved in some kind of war for centuries. OOL

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