Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 19, 2009

18 Nov 09

today was another boring day — skipped the gym this morning — wasn’t really all that excited about running…stopped by the chief’s office and got word that we were to pick up some generators this afternoon…he would call me when they were ready to be picked up…so, again, we sat around doing nothing, played a little volleyball, and then the locals jumped in a truck…when they returned they had a big grill in the truck with them…they said they were grilling some sheep for lunch…as it turns out, I grilled the sheep…that was first for me …I guess it’s like grilling any other meat, so I gave it a shot…apparently they don’t have “cuts” of sheep meat around here…this was just a plastic bag full of meat chunks…some with bone, some without, some with fat, some lean, big round pieces, thinly sliced bits, and there was even a little hair left on some of it…it’s like they just chopped and hacked anything and everything until they had 2 kg of stuff…there was a bit of difficulty grilling this stuff…first, the grill was set up so the coals are about 3 inches under the meat–not good, unless you want a rare filet…I did my best, but some was burnt, some was bloody, abd it was all seared pretty good…whatever, it was food and it filled the belly…the local guys also made some rice and had big pieces of “nan” (bread)…it was a pretty good lunch…after I ate I went back to the room and took about an hour nap…the rest of the day came and went and still no phone call about the generators … I talked with the chief and he said we would handle it tomorrow …so, more to follow…love you and miss you all


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