Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 19, 2009

16 Nov 09

today I got up early and hit the gym for some running –trying to get used to the running thing … I have always hated that part of our PT tests…so, almost every morning I get up and go run 2 miles so I can be prepared when I get back to Italy –I know I am going to have to test as soon as I get back…so, that was loads o fun (note the sarcasm) and then I hit breakfast …the chow hall is usually pretty good for breakfast, but lately they haven’t had eggs– well, they have the military style frozen egg stuff that is used to make scrambled eggs or omolettes, but no fresh eggs in the shell…they can’t get trucks in the gate … these trucks sit outside the gate waiting their turn to come on base …I guess there has been a change in procdure, or change in personnel, or whatever…the point is, we can’t even get fresh eggs…there was one truck that sat out there for a few days and everything in it had to be thrown away…just another side of the war that nobody sees…anyhoo, had breakfast, showered and headed to work…well, to the barn… did absolutely no work –we sat around all day doing nothing again …Jimmy, the guy I work for, has been out on the road …they were tasked to escort some fuel trucks…the trucks were costing about $10K each–that worked out to about $400.00 per gallon for JP8–this is what we use for diesel fuel…it’s basically the same thing, but they can use it in aircraft as well…the drivers even stopped taking that much money because every truck had been either blown up or seized by bad guys and the drivers have been beheaded…so, the only way to get fuel thru these areas–armed military escort…freakin crazy…obviously the bad shit has not slowed down here at all since I left…where was I going–Jimmy’s not here, so I stop in the Chief’s office in the mornings and ask what we got goin on… nothing today–he will call if something comes up…so, with no work going on, I went over to the Air Force side to sign out a weapon…they wouldn’t give me one without the proper paperwork…a qualification sheet that says I qualified on the firing range…well, that kinda threw me for a loop… why the hell would I be here if I didn’t qualify… any base I have been to won’t let you deploy unless you qualify…but I guess there are people around here that can’t hit the side of a barn from 10 feet, so they have to check everyone…I rolled over to the other camp while I was out and talked to the tattoo guy…he said he is booked for about a week and will let me know when he can fit me in…hopefully soon…after lunch I went back, with the proper certification, and got my weapon…M16A2…about 1500 hrs we called it a day…after work I hit the gym for some weight lifting …might as well take advantage of the lack of business…that’s about all for the day …after that I came back to the room, sat around watching tv shows and whatnot while playing on the internet…I guess that’s about all for now .. love you and miss you all

by the way–this is how we spend about an hour of each day —bouncing a volleball around with the local workers



  1. I just read something in the news the other day about gas costing our gov’t about $400 a gallon in Afghanistan. Is that ALL gas or just the JP8??

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