Posted by: Dude in the Desert | November 16, 2009

16 Nov 09

well, today I woke up kinda late … stayed up late doing nothing — watching The Office–I love that freakin show…it was a little chilly this morning but not as cold as it has been lately…I still grabbed my thermal shirt…I hopped in the shop truck to head over to the shop…it’s a whole 250 yeards away, but I drive over there every day anyway…mainly just so we have the truck over there, you know, in case we need to actually use it…well, today we didn’t need to use it at all–except to empty the dead batteries and contaminated fuel out of the truck–stuff that was in the back from other work…I got over to the barn and hung out doing nothing again…I did get some news yesterday afternoon that I will be heading out to a FOB for a few days…not sure when I am leaving–in a week or so, and don’t know when I’ll be back–prob only out there for a few days…Ma, don’t freak out…it’s just rollin out to a FOB, do a couple jobs, and roll back here…the generator guy I work with went out there for a few days and he’s back here safe and sound …anyhoo, so today I picked up some ammo and realized that i still don’t have a weapon… I guess I have to go over to the Air Force side tomorrow to pick that up from the armory…the initial weapon I was supposed to use for this trip is still lost in Germany somewhere–when they find it they will send it back to Italy…whatever–I just can’t understand how it’s so difficult to get a weapon thru a couple military bases to a deployed location… I mean, isn’t that what we freakin do for a living ?? it still amazes me how we are the best in the world…the other militaries around the world must be really jacked up…so, after sitting around for a couple hours this morning I headed over to our CWO’s office to pick up some mail.. I got some pants and a hat…these will be good out at the FOB…most of the guys out there all wear civilian clothes and grow beards…I will follow suit while out there…lunch was lunch…I came to my room for a bit and then went to the chow hall .. .I am trying not to spend too much time here in my room at lunch…a couple days ago one of my neighbors informed me that I was too loud–I guess all the people living in this set of cans work nights…he said it sounded like I was playing basketball in my room…well, I cannot think of anything I do that would make that much noise… I sit here on the computer watching tv/movies when I am in, when I do come up here at lunch I try to walk as lightly as possible and make sure I don’t slam the door and all that jazz…but, I am 99.99% sure that the noise he was complaining about wasn’t me…around 1300 hrs I walked back over to the shop and sat around some more…there was actually some action going on…the action at the barn is basically what goes on at a loading dock, shipping department, or the warehouse of any consumer product business …people pick up supplies, parts, ammo, mail, medicine, lumber, razor wire, MREs, and whatever else you can think of, bring it to the barn, and leave it for the barn guys…they separate it into piles, stacks, etc…they load this stuff into cardboard boxes–these boxes are specifically made for this–hard plastic bottoms with spaces cut out for forklift tines, foldable sleeves to form the sides, and a hard plastic top…the tops and bottoms have the latch type slides to lock the sleeve in, making it a big shipping box that is securely closed…so, they fill these boxes up and place them around the barn under names stenciled on the walls…these names are all the different FOBs we support…once we get a couple boxes lined up under a name the boss man orders a jingle truck for that location…the trucks come to one of the gates for BAf and wait…our guys get a call, they go escort the trucks to the barn, we all get the forklifts, bobcat, and whatever else is needed and get the trucks loaded…there is a lot of paperwork and forms to fill out, but I don’t deal with that part… I just help them load up or unload whatever…so, all that crap was going on when I got back form lunch… today there were all kinds of locals, GIs, and drivers running around getting trucks lined up, loading stuff, directing traffic, and yelling about what goes where—so I just sat on the side and observed the chaotic circus of madness that is the Log Barn…quite entertaining for about an hour…after that I watched one of the GIs and a local dude throw a frisbee around for an hour…seriously, this is what I do to support the war and defend our freedom and way of life…around 1500 hrs me and Joe–the generator guy–took off and dropped off those bad batteries and old fuel…mission accomplished, we were done for the day….I came back to the room, kicked off my boots, and chilled for a bit…looked up some stuff online and got a new workout routine for my arms…equipped with my new knowledge I hit the gym…worked out for about 45 minutes and went to the chow hall…had some yummy ham, yummy yams, and some delicious milk…I sat and talked with Jen–one of the chow hall girls from training at Ft. Dix…she actually runs the chow hall–kind sorta…I don’t know how that crap works…she’s E7 and the Army dude is E7–I guess the Army dude really runs everything, but she’s a shift leader…whatever…after dinner I came back to the room, and continued with season 5 of The Office, hit the showers, and now I am sitting here writing this…that is my day in the war…crazy…oh yeah, talked with Kirsty–trip for June is decided–Palau it is…that is going to be awesome…great diving, beautiful beaches, tropical, all that good stuff…hopefully this all works out so a few friends can join us…I can’t wait to get in the water again .. it’s been entirely too long since I’ve been diving…she’s supposed to send me some books to check out to get caught up on nitrox diving…now I gotta study for promotion and study for diving…what’s with all this studying crap?? I thought I was done with that stuff when I dropped out of college…still got the girl from training asking if I’ll help with her college tests –she’s mostly joking, but one of the other chow hall girls has helped her out a couple times…so, there is snow on the mountains around the base, there is ice on the ground when I get to the barn, but the days are still nice and sunny…normal daytime temps here are around 55-60…I am hoping that will last a while longer, but I am afraid it’ll be too soon I have to bust out the real cold weather garments…ok, well, I guess that’s about all for now … I love you and miss you all



  1. Have you had a chance to use the sand or chill scarf that I sent you? They are supposed to be pretty good. Of course, now that it’s turning cooler anyway, you probably won’t use the chill one. I know I don’t have to tell you again, but it’s a Mom’s duty to say it “BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU LEAVE THE BASE.” It will probably be nice to get away from the hum-drum of day-to-day life on the base though. OOL

  2. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/18/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

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